Warwick is the Owner and Managing Director of Pace Furniture, having purchased the company from David Murphy in April 2016 after having worked closely with David for the past 9 years managing the factory.  Warwick has an extensive background in making furniture over the past 30 years and started his working life at Hunter Furniture as an upholsterer, having gained his trade certificate whilst working there. 
Warwick has always worked making furniture and has a passion for creating new designs which he has a great flair for, and he uses this skill when talking with his clients, to help them come up with fabulous designs that will work well for their purpose.  Whether it’s customising booth seating for a new bar or restaurant, supplying furniture retailers all around New Zealand or for an Aged Care residence from small to large scale, Warwick works with you throughout the manufacturing process, offering you his experience and expertise to help ensure your furniture requirements hit the mark, whilst being practical and fit for purpose.
Warwick is keen to continue working closely with both his existing and new clients, offering them the benefit of his experience and the advantages of buying quality New Zealand made furniture.  Pace Furniture is one of the few manufacturers that can offer a complete design service to create furniture to suit your needs and has the manpower to complete large scale projects to order, this is all made possible with his exceptional hard working and dedicated team of staff that have been working with him for years.